VIROSTOP features a patented blend of extracts derived from carefully selected plants by our Swiss scientific team following extensive research. These botanical extracts were expertly formulated to complement each other, creating a durable, continuous film that shields the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.

VIROSTOP natural solution supports your resistance, an extract rich in plant polyphenols acts as a barrier, preventing viruses and bacteria from infiltrating the body and causing infections. The advantage is that it acts only locally. 

Reach for it at the first signs of illness, even when there's an elevated risk of infection.

Cistus - Cistus creticus
Cistus creticus

Sage - Salvia officinalis
Salvia officinalis

Purple Echinacea - Echinacea purpurea
Purple Echinacea
Echinacea purpurea

Citrus bioflavonoids - Citrus bioflavonoid complex
Citrus bioflavonoids
Citrus bioflavonoid complex

Barbados cherry - Malpighia glabra
Barbados cherry
Malpighia glabra
ako virostop účinkuje

How does VIROSTOP work?

The VIROSTOP solution is a patented blend of extracts from five plants, each ingredient synergistically enhancing the effects of the others. Several of these components fall within the polyphenols and bioflavonoids group. These compounds can mechanically obstruct virus binding sites, rendering them incapable of causing upper respiratory tract infections.

Other ingredients included - citrus bioflavonoids, purple coneflower (echinacea purpurea), common sage, and Barbados cherry (acerola) strengthen the antiviral neutralizing effect.


By preventing viruses from entering and multiplying within the cells, it can shorten recovery and reduce symptoms.

virostop účinkuje preventívne

It prevents the multiplication of viruses

Relieves symptoms

Sore throat | Cough | Sneezing
Runny nose | Stuffy nose

virostop zmierňuje príznaky

It relieves the symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections.

It prevents the multiplication of viruses

It relieves the symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections.

No side effects | For adults and children from 6 years old

How it works

Mechanism of action

How it works

The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract acts as a natural barrier against the entry of viruses and bacteria into our body's cells. Its cells create a thin layer of mucopolysaccharides on their surface, which contains numerous defense substances and immune cells. However, when there is a high influx of attacking viruses and bacteria, its capabilities can be overwhelmed, allowing pathogens to cause an infection.

VIROSTOP solution enhances our natural defenses by delivering a blend of active plant-based substances to the surface of the upper respiratory tract's mucous membranes. These substances help neutralize viruses, block their binding sites, and thus prevent them from penetrating cells that could otherwise become infected.

In cases of an existing infection, these substances can prevent the virus from attacking nearby cells. They help slow the infection's progression and assist in restoring the function of the respiratory tract mucosa.

For this very reason, it is recommended to start using VIROSTOP at the first signs of illness and as a preventive measure when you are in an environment with an increased risk of infection.

For maximum effect combine nasal and oral application

The entry point for infection can be through the nasal and oral mucosa. For optimal effectiveness, apply a protective film to both cavities.

How it works plus How it works oral

Protecting the oral mucous membrane from pathogens in droplets during mouth breathing and from potential transfer through hands.

ochrana sliznice ústnej dutiny
VIROSTOP Nosní sprej
virostop - ochrana sliznice nosa

Moistening and protecting the nasal mucosa from airborne droplet infections during nasal breathing.



When is it effective to reach for VIROSTOP?

When is it effective to reach for VIROSTOP?

Viruses and bacteria are lurking everywhere. If we are in an environment with an elevated risk of infection, someone in our household, school, or workplace is ill, or if we ourselves are beginning to combat a viral infection, we can support our mucosal immunity with VIROSTOP solution.Thanks to its protective film on the upper respiratory tract mucosa, we contribute to the prevention, protection, and alleviation of symptoms.

When is it effective to reach for VIROSTOP?

Most common symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract illness

How to use VIROSTOP during a cold?

Viruses are specific infectious agents that cannot exist and multiply without invading host cells. When a virus enters the interior of our cell, it reprograms it and forces it to create copies of itself. After a short time, such a cell perishes, and the newly formed viruses are released among other, still healthy cells.
If we do not prevent these newly formed viruses from penetrating another cell, the cycle repeats until our immune system ultimately prevails over them.

Therefore, start using VIROSTOP as soon as you suspect something is coming on. Continue the application throughout the entire period and for some time after the symptoms have subsided. This allows your mucous membranes time to fully regenerate and restore their defensive functions.


Colds and viral throat inflammation are not caused by just one type of virus; there are more than 200 of them. During the season, we can get sick multiple times, each time with a different type of virus. On the other hand, the flu is not a trivial illness, and it's advisable to protect yourself adequately against it. In our articles, you will find valuable information that will help you approach prevention and treatment more effectively. Feel free to read more:

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The effect of the plant extracts contained in VIROSTOP products is verified by clinical studies for influenza viruses and the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
The information is intended for the professional public.


The maximum effect of VIROSTOP products can be achieved if they are used correctly and regularly, whether with symptoms of an acute illness or with an increased risk of infection. Therefore, below we bring you answers to the most frequent questions of our patients. If you are interested in anything else, you can contact us through our email contact below:

Yes, it is recommended to start using VIROSTOP at the first symptoms of the disease, but it is also beneficial for an already started infection. On the one hand, it slows down the spread of the disease, relieves symptoms and helps to restore the natural defenses of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract during the recovery period. Use it for at least 3 more days after all symptoms have subsided.

A viral infection of the upper respiratory tract must be treated appropriately to avoid complications. VIROSTOP stands out among other forms of treatment in that, in addition to its ability to suppress the symptoms of the disease, it can also slow down the spread of the viral infection. This natural extract is able to block the binding sites of viral particles, so that they cannot get inside our cells, and when exposed in this way, our immune cells are more likely to destroy them. In this way, other mucosal cells will not be infected and the infection will not progress.

The polyphenolic substances contained in VIROSTOP products can bind to the binding sites of viruses, thus preventing them from attacking and infecting other surrounding cells. Since the virus does not enter our cell, but remains in the intercellular space, it is more easily detected and removed by our immune cells. In this way, VIROSTOP contributes to the faster removal of virus particles from the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and contributes to shortening the treatment time.

Effective natural substances can be found in nature. Our Swiss expert team has long researched the effect of plant extracts on the surface of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and prepared a patented mixture intended for administration to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. It contains a combination of polyphenolic substances from the Cistus creticus plant , combined with several antioxidant substances from other plants. The result is a targeted support of the local mucosal immunity of the upper respiratory tract, which we can now very conveniently use to support our health, whether during an ongoing acute infection or in prevention.

A viral infection of the upper respiratory tract does not only attack a limited area, but often affects the mucous membrane of the nose and oral cavity. Therefore, for a comprehensive effect, use the VIROSTOP nasal spray in combination with a suitable oral form. Administer it according to the dosage prescribed for an acute infection throughout the duration of the symptoms and for at least 3 days after their resolution.

Yes, VIROSTOP is suitable for children over 6 years old. It's recommended to use it at the first sign of symptoms.

In children who are often sick, it is appropriate to support their immunity for a long time, including the support of mucosal immunity with VIROSTOP products in combination with a nasal spray and a suitable oral form. It will contribute to greater resistance to common viruses.

Yes, VIROSTOP is suitable for long-term use, it does not cause addiction or side effects. For a comprehensive effect, use the nasal spray in combination with a suitable oral form.

Yes, VIROSTOP has a proven effect by studies. The antiviral effect of individual medicinal plants alone and in combination was verified, while the effect against influenza viruses and SARS-CoV-2 was up to twice as much when all 5 plants were combined with each other compared to individual plants alone. In addition, the effect was also verified in connection with the treatment of COVID-19, as well as protection of close contacts of individuals who tested positive for PCR. In both cases with positive results. You can find more on this page in the Studies section.

A viral infection of the upper respiratory tract never affects only a limited part of the nose or mouth. Therefore, for a comprehensive effect, it is recommended to use a combination of VIROSTOP nasal spray and your preferred oral form - oral spray or VIROSTOP pastilles.

Yes, allergic inflammation of the nasal mucosa changes its structure and thereby supports the effort of viruses to attack our mucous cells and cause an infection. Also, colds in allergy sufferers can last a little longer than in non-allergic sufferers . That is why VIROSTOP products are also suitable for them from the first symptoms of the disease, as well as to support natural mucosal immunity with an increased risk of infection.

The taste of VIROSTOP pastilles is very pleasant and mild. You can choose from mint, citrus or forest fruit flavors.

Yes, VIROSTOP is also effective against strains of influenza and common cold viruses. This is due to the fact that it contains numerous groups of different polyphenolic substances from plants that can block several types of binding sites of viral particles. Therefore, with the VIROSTOP solution, we can help the mucous membrane of the nose and oral cavity better defend itself against flu, colds and viral infections of the throat.