Sore throat: Catch it comprehensively. We'll advise you how!

Sore throat is a symptom of several diseases, but it can be relieved equally in all cases. What helps best?

It starts inconspicuously. First, we feel a gentle scratching or burning sensation in the throat, which doesn't go away even after drinking a warm beverage. Later on, the sore throat kicks in full force, making it difficult to swallow even pure water or saliva. How can you help yourself as much as possible? Try combined treatment with the help of VIROSTOP!

First, let's find out what caused the sore throat

To suppress a sore throat with a suitable combination of treatment methods, we must distinguish whether it is a viral or bacterial infection, or possibly a completely different cause. In cases of bacterial origin, antibiotic treatment prescribed by a doctor must be the foundation. To differentiate, the CRP test or examination by a doctor can help us.

However, in most cases, the cause of a sore throat is something other than bacterial. Various types of viruses are the most common culprits, but throat irritation can also be caused by allergic reactions, various environmental substances, and even vocal cord strain.

Fortunately, for all these possibilities, there are effective ways to appropriately alleviate symptoms. The best results are achieved through a combination of natural remedies, medications, and lifestyle measures. What can we try?

Natural treatment options for sore throats

In the past, people turned to medicinal plants for common sore throats. Experts have confirmed the healing effects of several of them based on evidence-based medicine principles. Therefore, even today, plants such as Sage, Chamomile, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Purple Coneflower, and many others are recommended. In home conditions, we can prepare a stronger tea from them, which we can either slowly sip or gargle.

A more effective option is to use these plants in the form of plant extracts. This way, we obtain a concentrated solution of the plant's substances, which we can then use in a stronger form. This principle is also used in VIROSTOP products, which are based on a mixture of 5 plants. Especially thanks to the content of Sage and Purple Coneflower, they can soothe feelings of scratching, burning, sore throat, and also have overall beneficial effects on the upper respiratory tract. For throat treatment, we can use either VIROSTOP oral spray or pastilles.

Difficulties are also aggravated by dry air and dehydration

When our throat is irritated, inflamed, and scratchy, there's nothing more unpleasant than being in a room with dry air. Not only does it worsen the aforementioned difficulties, but it can also lead to cough irritation. In such cases, we should pay more attention to the level of humidity indoors and, if necessary, use a humidifier. Inhaling moist air can nicely alleviate unpleasant sensations in the throat and nose.

If we don't have a special humidifier at home, it's okay. There are other ways to increase hydration in the upper respiratory tract. One of the easiest ways is to place a damp towel over the radiator in the room where we stay or sleep. Another option is to take a longer warm shower or bath, or to steam over a pot of hot water. We can add favorite herbs to it, such as mint or chamomile.

Insufficient fluid intake also does not benefit an irritated throat. This is the right time to have a warm tea with honey and increase daily fluid intake.

We can easily combine these simple adjustments to our daily routine with VIROSTOP. Just apply VIROSTOP after this treatment. First, we treat the respiratory tract with moist air, and then we create a protective film on them using VIROSTOP oral spray or pastilles.

Combining VIROSTOP with other commonly used local remedies for sore throat

VIROSTOP contains plant extracts that have mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and suppress common sore throats. However, there are more serious conditions, such as angina, when it is necessary to visit a doctor and extend the treatment with other drugs. In addition to antibiotics, our doctor may consider the short-term use of classical non-steroids in the first days of treatment antiphlogistic . Commonly used painkillers such as ibuprofen , paracetamol or diclofenac belong to this group. However, we should not take them lightly, the use of these drugs is associated with undesirable effects, especially if we suffer from some chronic diseases. We can choose either medicines in local form or taken by swallowing.

If we opt for a local form, we first administer the analgesic and then apply the VIROSTOP oral spray after it has been absorbed. This way, one medication can act against severe pain, and then VIROSTOP can create a protective film on the mucous membranes. It mainly contains substances from the group of polyphenols, which can directly block the binding sites of viral particles. Thanks to VIROSTOP, the replication of viruses is slowed down, and our immunity can cope more easily with fewer viruses.

In terms of suppressing burning, scratching, and unpleasant sensations, VIROSTOP is sufficiently effective, and we do not need to combine it with other lozenges or sprays. In a clinical study conducted in Switzerland, the effects of a combination of echinacea and sage extracts were compared to the effects of a spray containing lidocaine and chlorhexidine. The results of the clinical study did not show statistically significant differences between these two tested groups. In case of difficulties such as scratching in the throat, burning, or less intense throat pain, VIROSTOP alone is sufficient.

What if we also suffer from a cold alongside a sore throat?

Viral infections of the upper respiratory tract never affect just an isolated area of the throat but also involve the sinus cavities and nasopharynx. If we want to alleviate the symptoms of these infections, we need to thoroughly treat not only the throat but also the nasal area. We must diligently clean the upper respiratory tract from accumulated mucus and also take care of the nasal mucosa. Therefore, we always recommend combining VIROSTOP oral spray or pastilles with VIROSTOP nasal spray. Thanks to this combination, the protective film will cover as much surface area of the mucous membranes as possible, not only alleviating symptoms but also slowing down the replication of viral particles. This combination is also suitable for children from 3 years of age.


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