How to restore upper respiratory tract resilience after illness

Recovery after an illness takes some time. During this period, it's essential to take better care of your mucous membranes, and VIROSTOP can help.

Most virus and bacterial attacks occur on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. This also applies when we have just overcome a respiratory infection, and our mucosal immunity has not fully recovered yet. To be able to defend ourselves fully after an illness, mucous membranes need time to regenerate. Until then, we must take extra care, and VIROSTOP solution can help us with that.

Thorough recovery after illness is key

Every infection, whether viral or bacterial, means that our immune system has partially failed. In viral infections, viral particles enter our own cells, compel them to start producing copies, and subsequently cause their death. As the infection progresses, this process repeats, and the virus's copies attack more and more cells.

Bacterial infection is usually a complication of other health problems, usually a primary viral infection or allergic rhinitis. Bacteria mostly inhabit mucus that has been in the sinuses and nasal cavities for a long time. This triggers an inflammatory response that changes the structure and function of the mucous membranes. For this reason, it's important not to neglect immediate treatment for a cold and thorough mucus clearance from the nose.

The basis of treatment is the distinction between viral and bacterial infection . The chosen treatment should be approached conscientiously and not ended too soon. Throughout the entire treatment and recovery period, it is advisable to apply the VIROSTOP solution, which can help alleviate symptoms and support your body's natural defense mechanisms.Cleaning the mucous membranes and suppressing inflammation

Mucous membrane cleansing and inflammation suppression

We can immediately recognize that our body is fighting a respiratory infection based on the changed consistency of mucus. Initially, mucus is thinner than usual, and then it thickens. Even though we may start feeling considerably better after a week, it's possible that we'll still be bothered by what seems like residual congestion and regular coughing. The respiratory passages simply need thorough cleansing after an infection, and we can assist in that process.

Proper nasal hygiene can speed up and facilitate the entire treatment process. We can choose nasal rinses, inhalation or regular breathing of warm moist air, for example in a hot shower.

VIROSTOP solution can alleviate the symptoms of flu and cold already during the treatment. Its application continues to help during recovery. The included extracts of plants provide mucous membranes with substances that have a favorable impact on the course of inflammation and support the functions of the immune system.

Restoring proper mucous membrane hydration

It's important to know that only adequately hydrated mucous membranes can effectively defend themselves. During the autumn and winter seasons, we are more susceptible to illnesses, in part because we breathe in sharp, cold, often dry air outside and then transition abruptly to a completely different indoor environment. Indoors, we spend a lot of time in centrally heated rooms, which contribute to increased drying of mucous membranes. Maintaining an adequate fluid intake, even on colder days, can help us.

Another way to hydrate the respiratory mucous membranes is from the outside by maintaining the proper humidity of the inhaled air. Especially in schools and households, we should monitor room humidity and adjust it accordingly, for example, by using air humidifiers.

We can also support the mucous membranes in the form of nasal sprays that contain substances capable of keeping moisture on their surface. Such a substance is, for example, hyaluronic acid , which is also contained in VIROSTOP nasal spray.

Protection against another infection during the entire recovery period

To avoid catching another illness immediately after recovering, it's essential to ensure thorough recovery before returning to a children's or work collective. Nevertheless, we may still be weakened after an illness, so it's crucial to protect ourselves as much as possible.

After overcoming an infection, it's the right time to prioritize your health even more than usual. This includes a healthy diet focused on rapidly and effectively replenishing the missing vitamins and minerals that are quickly depleted from the body during an infection. The same applies to a group of substances called antioxidants. As soon as your health allows it, it's recommended to return to sports and cold-hardening activities. While easier said than done, it's essential to minimize stress and psychological tension as much as possible. Regular handwashing should be a given.

To further support your immunity, there's more you can do. In places with an increased risk of infection, it's still advisable to wear a mask or respirator. However, you can also protect the mucous membranes of your respiratory tract with an additional protective layer directly on their surface using VIROSTOP products. Thanks to the inclusion of extracts from five plants, the solution can neutralize viral particles by blocking their binding sites. This prevents viruses from entering the interior of cells, infecting them, and causing an infection. For maximum effectiveness, use a combination of the VIROSTOP nasal spray with one of its oral application forms. You can choose between the VIROSTOP oral spray and lozenges. All products are suitable for individuals aged 3 and above and have no adverse effects.


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