How to effectively combine VIROSTOP with medicines for the common cold?

Have you caught a cold? Combine common symptomatic treatment to relieve cold symptoms with VIROSTOP nasal spray. In what order should they be submitted?

Colds, the flu, and COVID-19 all share similar nasal symptoms. Therefore, the symptomatic treatment for these conditions is alike. Enhance your treatment by incorporating VIROSTOP nasal spray, which blocks virus particle binding sites, preventing them from invading your cells. But how should you effectively combine symptomatic treatments with VIROSTOP?

What symptoms should be suppressed for cold and flu in the nasal area?

The ideal treatment depends on the stage of the cold:

Initial stage of a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract

At the onset of a viral infection, such as the flu or a cold, you may experience a stinging or burning sensation in your nose, followed by a clear runny nose. This is when the viruses attack nasal mucosa cells, triggering an immune reaction and inflammation. To support your body at this stage, opt for sprays with seawater. This is also an excellent time to start using VIROSTOP products. By combining them, you can expedite nasal cleansing, moisturize mucous membranes, and block virus particle binding sites. This hinders the virus from entering other cells, making it easier for white blood cells to eliminate them outside the cells. 

However, remember that these diseases affect not only the nose but also the nasopharynx, pharynx, and throat. For comprehensive effectiveness, use VIROSTOP nasal spray for the nasal mucosa and opt for VIROSTOP oral spray or pastilles for the oral cavity.

Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Full Swing

As the viral infection progresses, classic cold symptoms emerge, including thickening of mucus and nasal congestion. At the same time, due to ongoing inflammation, swelling will occur due to increased blood supply to the nasal mucosa, which we perceive as a stuffy nose. Suddenly we can't breathe normally, it interferes with our sleep and normal daily activities.

The mucus produced makes breathing difficult and can become a breeding ground for bacteria. For faster recovery from infection and prevention of complications, it is advisable to remove them from the respiratory tract.

It is important to continue applying saline nasal rinses and using VIROSTOP products. It will be beneficial to add to the treatment at this stage ways to relieve a blocked nose, to dilute and remove mucus. We have natural ways to suppress swelling, especially the use of moist, warm air, inhalations, and nasal irrigation. In the pharmacy, we can choose decongestant drugs, either in local form or in the form of hot drinks for colds.

To remove mucus from the airways, blow your nose regularly and properly, we use a mucus extractor for small children.

Treatment of viral infection

Symptoms gradually subside. The immune system manages to suppress the infection. However, we continue with the applied treatment until the symptoms disappear completely. However, for medicines containing decongestants, do not exceed the recommended period of use of 7 days.

It helps to continue administering VIROSTOP products during the entire period of treatment. They also supply the mucous membranes with antioxidant substances, which are quickly lost from the body during inflammation.  Since viral infections weaken your body, it's wise to maintain additional protection with VIROSTOP during your entire recovery period and when the risk of infection is high.

In what order should the individual medications and Virostop be used?

The good news is that the mentioned medicines and medical devices do not interact with each other. Therefore, you don't need to worry about potential interactions. The key question is the order in which to use them for maximum effectiveness.

Start by administering all active substances into a clean nose. If mucus is thick, take mucolytics as recommended during the day. Pay attention to nasal hygiene, blowing your nose properly . If you're using a hot drink for cold treatment, wait for it to take effect.

When you begin to breathe more freely, this indicates that your nasal passage to the sinuses has opened. This is the ideal moment to use VIROSTOP nasal spray, as it can cover the largest possible surface area of the nasal mucosa. Don't forget to pair it with an appropriate oral form. During an acute infection, it's advisable to administer VIROSTOP nasal spray 4 to 5 times, with one spray in each nostril.



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