Cold shouldn't be underestimated, but rather treated promptly

Colds should also be treated properly. In addition to alleviating symptoms, VIROSTOP products can support your defense against viruses. How?

A cold is a viral upper respiratory tract infection. Not only is it unpleasant, but if not treated properly and promptly, it can last unnecessarily long, and in worse cases, complications can arise. However, suitable and timely treatment can help. With VIROSTOP products, we can manage a cold even better.

How does a cold occur?

The trigger for a cold is almost certainly one of the viruses capable of infecting the upper respiratory tract. There are more than 200 types of these viruses, and unless our illness complicates to the extent that we end up hospitalized, we usually don't search for the specific culprit.

Viruses are commonly present in our surroundings, and we regularly come into contact with them. Most of them can be eliminated by our immune system before causing an infection. For this purpose, the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract create a protective mucus layer on their surface, which functions as an effective first line of defense. It contains numerous immune cells and various compounds that can directly neutralize viruses.

If this initial defense fails, the virus can come into contact with the surface of a mucous cell. To enter the host cell, the virus has specific binding sites, binding proteins, which act like a key. These can attach to receptors on our cells, essentially unlocking their way inside. At this point, the virus has essentially won and begins to multiply.

Inside the cell, it easily and quickly changes the character of the cell, whose sole purpose becomes creating copies of the virus's individual parts. The cell subsequently dies relatively quickly and releases newly created viruses among nearby cells. If our immunity doesn't immediately eliminate them, they quickly enter other mucous cells, and the process repeats, initiating an infection with all its accompanying symptoms. This disease process can be intervened with the application of VIROSTOP products.

How can we help our body get rid of a cold quickly?

If we don't start treating a cold as soon as possible, its treatment can last longer and with worse symptoms. For a certain group of people, it won't just be an ordinary cold; it can complicate, usually by joining another, now bacterial infection.

Therefore, it's crucial to start helping our body get rid of viruses as soon as the first signs of the illness appear. On one hand, we can help by keeping the respiratory tract clear and as clean as possible, free from mucus. The main goal is to moisturize, clean, and, if the nose is too congested, opt for remedies that reduce nasal swelling. Subsequently, we need to thin and remove mucus. This indirectly helps our body recover faster from a cold and flu.

VIROSTOP products can alleviate the symptoms of the flu and cold. The VIROSTOP nasal spray helps keep the airways clean and moist, and partially reduces nasal mucosa swelling. If your throat is sore, the ideal solution is the VIROSTOP oral spray or pastilles, which promote natural defenses and soothe discomfort in the throat after dissolving.

Assistance in directly blocking cold viruses

Unlike regular treatment for cold symptoms, VIROSTOP products can create an additional protective layer on the surface of mucous membranes.

A team of Swiss researchers discovered an interesting ability of certain plant extracts to bind to the surface binding sites of viruses. Among the plants, Cistus creticus stood out for its high content of various polyphenolic compounds. Research didn't stop there, and the effects were examined in various combinations of Cistus creticus extracts with other plant extracts. The result is a unique patented blend of extracts from 5 plants, which shows even stronger effects in slowing down the multiplication of viruses than Cistus creticus alone. This blend can now be used for your health in the form of VIROSTOP products.

Since VIROSTOP contains a substantial group of different natural substances, it can block various types of viral binding proteins. Thus, it can be universally used as protection and support for the treatment of all types of respiratory viruses, including influenza and other colds.

How to use VIROSTOP during cold treatment?

You can start the application as soon as the first signs of illness appear when you feel weak, exhausted, and your nose starts to tickle. However, it is equally effective in any phase of upper respiratory tract infections. You should continue using it throughout the entire recovery period, at least an additional 3 days after all symptoms have subsided.

VIROSTOP products represent a combination of support for the initial defense of our mucous membranes and the alleviation of cold symptoms. Their great advantage is that they only act locally, and you can safely use them with other commonly used medications because they don't cause interactions. No adverse effects have been observed with their use so far.

However, the flu or cold doesn't only affect the mucous membranes of the nose but also the nasopharynx and throat. Therefore, for maximum effect, choose the combination of VIROSTOP nasal spray with one of the oral application forms. You can choose either the VIROSTOP oral spray or pastilles. The products are suitable for children over 3 years old and can be purchased at any pharmacy.


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