How to manage the treatment of a mild course of COVID-19?

Although COVID-19 is being talked about less than during the pandemic, it still infects numerous people. During the winter season, cases are increasing again, so it's not a bad idea to remind ourselves how to manage a mild course of the illness on our own. VIROSTOP products will help you in both treatment and prevention.

There are several variants of COVID, do they differ in symptoms?

Since its discovery, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has managed to mutate several times. The individual variants differ in the types and intensity of their symptoms. Fortunately, available tests currently detect all of them.

From 2021 until now, the Omikron variant remains the most circulating, with several subvariants. The World Health Organization has named them using combinations of letters and numbers, with BA.5 and BA.4 being the most infectious so far.

The most common symptoms of Omicron include:

  • fever,
  • runny nose, sneezing, coughing,
  • sore throat,
  • headache, muscle pain, and mild to severe fatigue.
  • Patients may still experience loss of smell and taste, although less frequently now.

New symptoms that appear more prominently in children include digestive issues such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and various types of rashes.

The range of possible symptoms is not narrowing over time but rather becoming more diverse. If your condition seems suspicious, it's better to take a home antigen test.

Treatment of mild course of COVID-19

As with any other viral illness, the basis of treatment includes bed rest, physical rest, adequate fluid intake, and a light, nutritious diet.  Appropriately selected symptomatic treatment can help you better manage your symptoms.

Fever unnecessarily strains your body; therefore, reduce temperatures above 38.5°C using appropriately chosen antipyretics, i.e., medicines to reduce fever. Depending on the nature of a runny nose, sore throat, cough, or digestive difficulties, your doctor or pharmacist will advise suitable medications and nutritional supplements. During the battle with infection, the body consumes higher amounts of vitamins, so don't forget to replenish them in your body. Key among these are vitamins C and D.

Apart from alleviating symptoms, you have the option to directly support your immune system against the viruses.

Support in prevention and treatment with VIROSTOP products: How do they help?

VIROSTOP products contain a patented blend of extracts from five plants. This blend stands out due to its high content of plant polyphenols, which have the ability to block the binding sites of viral particles. This prevents them from entering the interior of cells, thus preventing them from initiating or further spreading the infection.

The efficacy of VIROSTOP solution against COVID-19 has been verified not only in practice during the pandemic but also in several clinical studies.In the first study, it was proven that a mixture of plant extracts reduces the multiplication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The study was led by Dr. Kuti from Budapest and was conducted in vitro.

Two additional clinical studies were conducted on patients. The first one monitored the duration of symptoms in patients with confirmed mild infections. The use of VIROSTOP contributed to a significant reduction in the occurrence of disease symptoms, as well as a faster removal of viruses from the respiratory tract.

The second clinical study confirmed that using VIROSTOP also helped individuals who were in direct contact with the sick. Thanks to regular application, their symptoms were milder. Compared to the control group, they had a lower rate of positive PCR tests on the 12th day from inclusion in the study, although their antibody production was better.

To achieve maximum efficacy, it is important to cover as much mucous membrane as possible with the solution. Therefore, treat the nasal mucosa using VIROSTOP nasal spray in combination with covering the oral cavity with oral spray or sucking VIROSTOP pastilles.

How to distinguish a mild course from a complicated one?

COVID-19 can affect individuals in various ways. In some, the infection occurs entirely without symptoms, while in others, it may progress to a severe, life-threatening condition.

Severe progression of the illness indicates these symptoms:

  • Breathing difficulties, particularly unusually rapid breathing or a feeling of shortness of breath
  • Persistent chest pains and a sensation of pressure on the chest
  • Blood oxygen level measured by a pulse oximeter below 93%
  • Patient confusion
  • Inability to awaken the sick person or difficulty maintaining consciousness
  • Bluish lips or face

If you notice them in yourself or your loved ones, contact your doctor immediately. Home treatment is only suitable for mild cases.

Severe progression can occur in anyone, so don't underestimate preventive measures. These unequivocally include avoiding environments with an increased risk of infection. If you must enter such an environment, we recommend using a respiratory mask to cover the airways. You can also support your immune system with the protective film created on the respiratory mucosa by VIROSTOP products.


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